Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's been quite the day

So, I don't know where to start... Today was a bad day, though I fought my hardest to not let it put me in a bad mood.
First, my day started with an irritating e-mail from a lady at the color company I educate for. Just some stuff about my new contract. Then I got a phone call not even 30 mins later regarding my very large color order I placed yesterday - which was suppose to arrive today, an won't be here till tomorrow (hopefully). - I can handle all of that...
To add to that, my cat Athena is experiencing urinary problems. So I called the vet to schedule an appt for tomorrow, because there was no way that my schedule would allow for me to go in today. I felt horrible for not being able to take her today, but we've been through this many times. A very good friend of mine (Betsey, who owns a fabulous cat boutique (and also does cat grooming) called Smitten Kitten on 28th st right off of Ingersoll Ave) sent me a text asking if it would help if she were able to take Athena to the vet for me today - and it did. It took a huge, huge stress off of me. So I got the scheduling all figured out, and Betsey took Athena to the vet. Got all the urine stuff figured out. The vet took x-rays to see her bladder, but seen something wrong with the discs in her back. I'm told that it is nothing to worry about, but you know me and my kitties...of course I'm going to worry.

So here's a lesson for my clients (most of you know this though). I had a client whom has used box color quite a few times to color her hair dark. It had been a few months since she had last colored her hair. She came in at noon, and I began to foil her. I had to use a few different formulations to get one consistent color of highlight because she had a lot of different things going on in her hair. One reason hair stylists tell you to never use box color on your hair is because when you come to us to (usually fix it) change the color, we do not know what exactly we are working with, and how exactly it will react (we can sometimes predict, but there is NO guarantee). Once I foiled her hair, it took her ends a long time to fully process, even with the different formulations. It is SO much more work for me to have to deal with box color. So when something is that much more work for me, it costs you much more in the long run. It is better to come to me in the first place because this is where my expertise is. I can give you the results you desire, instead of you hoping that a box color can give it to you. Even better than that, if you ever want to change it, I know exactly what has chemically been done to your hair, so I know exactly what to expect! In the end, her hair took much longer than anticipated, and looked fabulous. She's going to have to take very good care of it though. All of the times she colored her own hair with box color have really damaged her hair. I told her she needs to take very good care of it, and do exactly as I tell her, or I will not color her again.
I will not do a chemical service just to do it and take your money. If I feel that your hair is not in the condition to handle what it will have to go through to get it where you want it to be (color or texture wise) I will not do it. I will advise you what you need to do to get it in the condition in which I will perform the service for you, or if don't want to do that, you can go somewhere else and chance it. I will not sacrifice quality, or the integrity of your hair.

I went to spin class tonight, which I am really happy that I was able to make it. It was exactly what I needed. It really helped get some of the extra stress out of me. I went to the Merle Hay Aspen location for this spin class. It was quite interesting the reaction I got from people. I walked in to the spinning room, and this guy follows me in there. He comes up to me when I pick a bike and says "I really love your hair!". I say "Oh, thanks!" and go on with my business. He then repeats himself, and I again say "thank you". He proceeds to ask if I'm involved with anyone etc. I was kind of in shock...and responded "um... yeah..." and he just walked away like I had offended him! I wasn't mean in any way (not that most of you believe that, but I really wasn't). A guy that was on a bike in front of me (whom we will now refer to as "Bird" (he spent the entire class looking at himself in the mirror (beside him, not in front of him)). Bird found it really interesting, and stated that 'that guy really has some balls!'. Now, Bird made spin class even more entertaining in my part of the room - at least for me. I kept watching him watch himself. I couldn't help being fascinated by his fascination with himself.
I like to give names to people at the gym, and make up stories about them to entertain myself. It's almost like they name themselves though...they just don't know it. Tonights spin class was a new social experience, for sure. I'll go back again.

I'm feeling a little bit better now though, thanks to Betsey and spin class.
That's all I've got for tonight though... Goodnight!

Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm more honest with you than any friend or enemy will be

I had a new client in on Saturday. She was referred to me by one of my favorite clients. This woman had been going to an other hair stylist for quite some time because they were friends. The reason this client found her way to me, was because she was not happy with her hair after her friend had done it. I told her, though I love and adore most of my clients, and consider them friends, I am not here to be your friend, I am here to make you as beautiful as I can. My friendship is, at times, a perk. I can promise you that you will not leave my shop looking bad - friend or not.

So, I say this to anyone who goes to someone to have any service done - Do not go to someone only because you are friends with them. Go because they are great at what they do. Friendship is not worth a bad hair cut, color, or waxing service. I may sound shallow, among other things, but appearance is important. It's already hard enough to maintain what

My first client of the day today came in to get her hair styled for a funeral. Her best friend of 40+ years passed away on Weds. I get to see people in almost every aspect of their lives. At their best, at their worst, and everything in between. No matter their situation, I always try to be a day maker for them. The smallest thing can make someones day - opening the door, letting someone in traffic (both of these can easily make my day, so I try to do them for others often), and so many other things.

So, what have we learned in this first blog? Don't go to a business if it's based purely on friendship, and not their skill in the profession, and to be a day maker - and expect nothing in return (though a 'thank you' is always nice!).

Tune in next time....